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The results of the US presidential election were out of balance on Thursday as five swing stocks continued to count ballots. To capture the White House, candidates must collect at least 270 votes from the electoral corps.

Edison Research gave 243 points to Democratic contender Biden, who had a 213 edge over Republican President Donald Trump in the electoral vote. Another network said that Biden would win Wisconsin and give him 10 more votes. Results for Pennsylvania (20 votes), Georgia (16), North Carolina (15), Arizona (11) and Nevada (6) remained uncertain until Thursday afternoon, according to Edison Research.


Biden led 2.4 percentage points (over 68,000 votes) as of Thursday afternoon and about 14% of votes were not counted. More results in the denser Maricopa County, including Phoenix, were not expected until 7pm local time (9pm EST, 0200 GMT Friday), the county elections department said.

At least 275,000 ballots remain in the county, the elections department said. Biden is leading the way with 4 percentage points on the votes counted so far, indicating he is in a strong position to keep the lead.


Trump left a 2% vote with 0.3 percentage points (13,540 votes) ahead.
Georgia State Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told WGXA News that the count continued on Thursday afternoon with just over 50,000 outstanding votes.


Biden beat Trump with 11,438 votes (0.9 percentage points), with about 12% of votes remaining in the tally. Clark, the state’s largest county, expected to count most of the mailing ballots by Saturday or Sunday, but according to registrar Joe Gloria, it will continue to count certain ballots after the weekend.

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Chegavske said all correctly received ballots will be counted for up to nine days after the election, but the exact number to be counted is unknown. The votes outstanding, she said, are ballots by mail and voted by voters registered at polling places on Election Day.

North carolina

Trump led with 76,000 votes (1.4 points or more) and about 5% of the votes were not counted. State officials said full results would not be known until next week. The state allows postmarked ballots by mail to be counted if received by November 12th.


Trump lead by 1.7 percentage points (over 114,000 votes), with an 8% vote open. With about 550,000 ballots in the process of being counted on Thursday, Biden got a chance to catch Trump if it was enough to come from a democratically friendly area like Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said he expected an “overwhelming majority” to be counted by the end of Thursday.

Philadelphia County reported that more than 252,000 ballots were mailed, but it says how many remain. Pennsylvania may accept ballots by mail up to three days after the election if postmarked by Tuesday, so final counts may not be available until at least Friday.

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