To Prevent Bird Flu, WHO Gives Important Advice And Teach You The Right Way To Cook Chicken | Bird Flu: If You Use A Microwave This Is Your News

Avian flu cases have been found in 10 states and the government is very alert. The government has asked the state to step up surveillance and stop disseminating false information about avian influenza. According to the Health Organization (WHO), H5N1 is a highly contagious and bird-borne influenza. This disease causes serious respiratory problems.

News that many poultry have died from bird flu is scaring people. People don’t eat eggs and chicken. The big question in the minds of non-vegetarians in such a situation is whether you can eat chicken and eggs.

WHO Response The
WHO says chicken and eggs are safe to eat when properly prepared and cooked. The room temperature used for cooking can kill the virus. The WHO said that poultry, poultry products and wild birds should always be prepared hygienically and poultry meat should be properly cooked.

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The right way to cook
Experts also say that poultry should be well cooked on gas. Microwave should not be used because several times microwave rays are not enough to kill the virus. Many health experts have ruled out the possibility of the virus spreading from birds to humans and have said that one should not panic. Doctors say the risk of the H5N1 virus spreading from human to human is only when someone is very close to infected birds.

The WHO said the risk of spreading the virus to humans is when the process is not completed before biting and cooking birds at home. People are at the highest risk of getting infected by this.

“People who work closely with poultry are at greater risk of infection,” said Dr Harshal R. Salve, Associate Professor at the Center for Community Medicine at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Otherwise, the H5N1 virus is rarely transmitted to humans. , So there is no need to panic.

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