Traffic jam 700 km long in France, second block in the country implemented

Paris: Crown in France amid Islamic terrorist incidents The implementation of the second blockade across the country has been announced in an ever-increasing number of cases. This was done to stop the second wave of the epidemic. This announcement went into effect Thursday evening and 6.7 million residents in the country will remain in the new block at least until early December. Even before this announcement went into effect on Thursday evening, there was a situation of severe traffic jams in and around Paris. According to the AP news agency, if the traffic jam in and around Paris is measured in km, then the traffic jams 700 km long.

The main reason for this is that this new block is in effect for about a month. Therefore, before this announcement went into effect Thursday at midnight, people left to shop in their cities or to collect goods. Another big reason is that this weekend’s Feast of Saints is also falling. That is why people have started leaving their homes in other cities, homes, rural areas. This is where this situation arose.

The escalating Corona crisis

In France 24 hours in Corona 058, 637 new cases were registered, bringing the total number of cases to 1,637,852 occurred as the lockdown was implemented across the country to prevent the second wave of epidemic. According to the Xinhua News Agency, the number of people dying from the crown in the country has increased 36,058, while the total currently 21,

Infected patients are hospitalized, of which 3, 156 are in intensive care.

During this time, those who cannot work from home will be able to leave for work. You will be allowed to go out to purchase basic necessities, or even for an hour of health emergency and daily exercise. College students were asked to study online. Non-essential shops including bars, cafes, gyms and restaurants will remain closed.

Private gatherings and public ceremonies have been banned as have cultural ceremonies and conferences. But unlike March-May, visits to nursing homes for the elderly are allowed.

Nurseries, elementary and middle schools and public institutions will be opened with health protocols. School-age children aged six and over must wear masks in class.

Wearing 10 masks first was mandatory for older children. In addition to this, the factories will continue to operate, while construction and agriculture activities will also continue.

President Emmanuel Macron said the country is “tremendously threatened by the second wave and there is no doubt that it will be scarier than the first”.

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