Trump has committed to his second term to help his rich friends: Obama

Washington: Former US President Barack Obama ( Barack Obama ) Kovid – 19 has no plans to counter the epidemic Criticizing his successor Donald Trump ( Donald Trump ) for getting up and leaving an interview, he said it would help him and his rich friends For the second term.

Obama made this appeal

While trying to garner support for former Democratic Party presidential candidate Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, Obama on Saturday called on Americans not to give Trump a second term at an auto rally. Appeal to.

‘Trump is not worried about Americans’

He claimed that Trump did not care about ordinary Americans and was simply trying to get a second term to help himself and his wealthy friends. On the other hand, Biden and Harris will fight “not for themselves but for you and for us”.

What is the difference between Trump and Biden?

At an election rally in Miami, Florida, Obama said, “They won’t surround themselves with litters and lobbyists.” They will keep these people who care about you around them. This is what separates them from their opponents. They really care about the Americans, they also care about those who don’t vote for them. “
He criticized Trump for letting an interview with Leslie Stahl of CBS News correspondent. He said: “He went to Pagla and got up from the 60 minute interview.” He thought the questions were very difficult. If he can’t answer a difficult question like “What would you like to do in the second term”, we can’t give him another term … “

‘Trump could not say the plan for the next phase of the Crown’

Obama said: “He was asked” What is your plan for the next phase of Kovid? “Considering we saw a huge increase in cases yesterday, that was a great question. In such a situation, you think he will be ready for the answer. Instead, he simply said it’s not his fault and he has no plans. He has no plans and doesn’t even know reality. “Although the controversy escalated, Trump retorted, no one came to hear the former president, only 47 people were.”

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