Trump has given permission to open this business under Coron’s quirks. More than 6500 workers were infected

New York: US President Donald Trump on Tuesday Permission to open meat processing plants has been granted. Despite concerns about the Corona virus outbreak , Trump ordered this to protect the country’s food supply.

Trump enacted an implementing regulation using the Defense Production Law, which indicated that the facilities would continue to operate, examining food shortages and supply chain constraints. This arrangement also ensures protection for companies and employees who work there.

This regulation, which was issued on Tuesday evening, said that the closure of just one large beef processing plant took almost a day. 76 million people may lack beef to serve.

The world’s largest meat companies, including Smithfield Foods Inc., Cargill Inc., JBS USA (JBS.UL) and Tyson, have nearly 43 in North America. Workers in slaughterhouses and processing plants have stopped working after an illness. This increases the possibility of a lack of meat.

However, the unions were not impressed by this decision. Some farmers said it was too late now because the pigs had already been killed instead of going to the pig market.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. meat companies estimated 283 bitten pigs on Tuesday, which were 43% less than before due to plant closure due to an epidemic. At the same time, processors already have 38% around 76,

reduced. Beef cut.

However, critics say that the slaughterhouses were closed when the corona virus became infected in more than 6,500 meat and food processing workers. Came to the fore and 20 of these had died.

Herbert Clark

Herbert Clark

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