Trump’s team announced the surrender, they knew the whole thing

Washington: It looks like the Trump administration (Trump Administration) has finally surrendered to the corona epidemic. Such speculations are made after the statement by a White House official. In fact, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told CNN reporter Jake Tapper that “we are focusing on administering the Corona vaccine to everyone rather than controlling the epidemic. At the same time, the administration is focusing on adequate treatment and prevention of the spread of the infection.

Multiple counts of statements

) Several statements have been made about the statement by this great Trump administration official which aired on CNN and the Washington Post. Some people believe this statement by the Trump officer is a surrender made by his team.

Higher death rate?

So far 2,30,000 civilian deaths have been reported in the United States. According to this situation created just before the presidential election, it is claimed that a thousand people die every day due to the negligence of President Trump.

Trump’s opponents in America have been accused of failing to control the epidemic from the start. Trump also avoided masks and social distancing during the Crown period. And this is why the Trump team that claims to run the country’s economy is unable to answer the important questions.

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Focus on elections only

) On the other hand, those who know Trump closely say the epidemic issue could affect the voting pattern in the upcoming November 3 election. Trump held a public meeting in Lumberton, North Carolina the next day after the record crown was found in the United States and during that time he appeared masked and impassive from afar.

Trump’s Peculiar Claim

In his speech, Trump reiterated the old saying that due to continuous testing, the number of new cases is increasing every day, which means that if the scope of investigation is reduced, Corona cases will be reduced by half. .

Comparison of flu and corona

It is worth noting that even earlier Trump had said many times that there is no need to fear coronavirus as this virus is like normal flu. On another platform after this, Trump had said that, since the outbreak began, he was focusing on the fact that it caused no panic in the country.

Question raised by

opponent) Trump’s opponent in the race for the White House, Joe Biden, has also accused Trump of surrendering to the epidemic. In a statement released during his campaign, Biden said people working in the Trump administration have also accepted defeat.

Running forward Biden

Democratic candidates who hold a ten-point lead over Trump in the Biden National Polls and, surprisingly, Trump is also queuing in the Republic stronghold.

( Input- AP agency )

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