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New Delhi: As soon as your blood pressure rises, your mind becomes anxious about all sorts of worries. Right now, all ages will be sent as slaves of various types of abstinence and it is unlikely that they will be excluded from drugs. If you don’t know, how will this suppression affect your cruel body? But the truth is that with a little self-control, a little training, and a little positive thoughts in life, you can easily increase your blood pressure.

If you lose weight and are overweight, somehow bring it to a healthy range. Eat Napa-Libra and move a lot. Weight loss has a magical effect on systolic blood pressure. It has been shown that for every 10 kg of weight loss, there is a 5-20 mm reduction in mercury.

Characteristics of a Healthy Diet
Our food is closely related to blood pressure. The richer the food, the less refined and more fat. That said, you need to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink sprita milk instead of pure milk. Reduce the total amount of saturated fats and fats in your food. From an early age, the more simple rules you follow about food, the more it affects your blood pressure. Filling this systolic blood pressure can reduce it by 8-14 points.

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Salt account In
40-50% of patients with hypertension, a reduction in salt has a favorable effect on blood pressure. It is justified to consume 24 grams of sodium or 6 grams of salt per day. This means that the regular salt and pickles in the dal vegetable, papad, namkin, and top salt are completely cut off. In these sodium-sensitive patients, salt monitoring has been shown to reduce blood pressure by 2-8 points. However, there is no benefit of salt reduction in 50 to 60% of patients. To see if reducing salt is beneficial, try abstinence for 3 months. If your blood pressure decreases, consider the benefits. Otherwise, there is no benefit of restraint.

Quitting smoking does not lower blood pressure, but it does help significantly reduce the rate of blood pressure malformations in various organs, such as angina, heart attack, and brain trauma.

Some precautions
are also needed. Many things either raise blood pressure directly or weaken the effectiveness of high blood pressure medications. These include licorice, pain relievers, and alcohol. Avoid them or consume them in limited quantities.

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(Note: doctors consult before taking any action)

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