Turkey-sponsored NGOs Perform Disruptive Actions in Africa | World news

Turkish President Recep Taif Erdogan, challenging Saudi Arabia’s leadership in the Islamic world, is working quickly to gain support from Islamic countries that are located outside the Gulf and are not yet extremely polarized.

After trying to make a fuss in South Asia for the support of Muslim countries, Erdogan is now looking at Islamic countries in Africa. His interest in the region can be understood from the fact that he has visited African countries more than 15 times since 2015. The Turkish government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs argue that the trip is an attempt to strengthen ties between Turkey and the region, but the true intention behind it is entirely geopolitical.

However, the phenomenon is not entirely new. Erdogan launched his political Islamist agenda in the region by helping and building alliances with the region’s terrorist outfit. All major terrorist groups in the region have cooperated with the Erdogan government to some extent. The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) has been coordinating Erdogan’s target execution and has claimed it has to do with terrorist clothing.

The role of Erdogan and Turkey is already destroying the country, supporting terrorists who are disrupting the Libyan civil war. Turkey has now established military bases in countries including Djibouti, Sudan and Somalia. These steps not only provided strategic and political advantages, but would also help control resources in resource-rich areas.

Nonetheless, in addition to using state and non-state actors to influence Africa and use the region for political interest. Turkey has also accelerated destructive activities to influence public opinion and decision-making in local countries. It is similar to a common pattern. Erdogan deployed several government-backed and controlled NGOs to carry out the covert operations of overturning.

Observers believe that the Aziz Mahmud Hudayi Foundation, a Turkish NGO, is tasked with leading the destructive activities in Africa. They claim that the Hudayi Foundation is working on Erdogan’s ambitious Caliphate project, pretending to be a charity project for health, education and poverty alleviation. The organization currently operates several projects in African countries, and is thus successfully running a disruptive campaign. In order to strengthen the organization’s activities and increase the project, Erdogan had to directly ask African leaders to allow and support the organization’s projects in each country. The organization is now spread across at least 17 African countries, including much larger countries such as Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and Tanzania, and smaller countries such as Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

According to a recent study published by Nordic Monitor, a Stockholm-based think tank, Turkish President Erdogan lobbyed for the Hudai Foundation in Africa to claim his Islamic leadership.
“Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has funded and supported schools and other institutions established by the Hudayi Foundation in Africa affiliated with the government to promote his unique Islamic leadership brand and the political agenda of the Turkish government,” Nordic Monitor Reports.

In the religious Madrasa line built in Turkey to rapidly evolve young people, Turkish NGOs began building schools in economically poor African countries, rapidly evolving students through’religious education’, strengthening the political Islamic agenda, and Erdogan Began to proclaim the highest leader in the Islamic world. . Some of these schools are owned by the Hudayi Foundation.

Along with building new schools, Erdogan has acquired many existing schools, converted and operated. After a coup attempt in July 2016, Erdogan took over all religious schools based on the ideology of Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen. The African Gullenist School was acquired by Erdogan, who was suspected of having a relationship with the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) and later converted.

In addition to the African continent, the Hudai Foundation has also launched playful activities in South Asia. This organization has displayed its presence in numerous countries and is one of the most powerful in Bangladesh. Many people in this country believe that the organization is actively working to rapidly evolving Hinya Muslims and providing resources to them. In addition, numerous refugee camps have been established throughout Bangladesh to protect Rohingya refugees, and it is the most active in Cox’s Bazar, an area with a large number of Rohingya refugees.

The pace of expansion and scale of influence of the Hudayi Foundation reflects the rapidly evolving people inside and outside Turkey and further emerging as Erdogan’s next Diyanet organization dedicated to Erdogan’s political Islamist agenda.

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