Turkey Takes Legitimate Diplomatic Action Against French Caricature Of President Tayyip Erdogan | World news

Istanbul : Turkey said Wednesday at French satirical week Charlie Hebdo that it would take legal and diplomatic action in response to President Tayyip Erdogan’s caricature, which officials said were “disgusting to spread cultural racism and hatred. Effort”.

Turkey’s resentment for caricatures added heat between Turkey and France to the cartoon of the prophet Mohammad, which exploded this month after a teacher who showed the cartoons to students in a lecture on freedom of speech in France was beheaded.

The cartoon on the cover of Charlie Hebdo showed Erdogan sitting in a white t-shirt and panties and holding a can of drinks with a woman wearing a Muslim hijab.

Turkey’s news agency said, “Our people have no doubt that all necessary legal and diplomatic action will be taken on the caricature in question.”

“Our fight against these rude, malicious and offensive steps will continue to the end of reason, but determined,” he said in a statement.

Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul told reporters in Ankara that Turkish authorities have taken all necessary steps with the authorities. State media also reported that Turkish prosecutors had initiated an investigation into Charlie Hepdo’s management.

President Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said high-ranking Turkish officials criticized the caricature. President Ibrahim Kalin did not respect “any beliefs, sanctity, or values” and “showed their own vulgarity and immorality.” The caricature is freedom of expression. Said that it cannot be considered.

“Macron’s anti-Muslim agenda is paying off,” said Fahrettin Altun, president of communications for Turkey.

Althun wrote on Twitter that “we condemn the most disgusting efforts for this publication to spread cultural racism and hatred.”

Er Doan sharply criticized Mark Long last weekend, saying the French leader needed a mental health checkup, and the French urged an ambassador to be summoned in Ankara. On Monday, Erdogan called for a boycott of French products.

The prophetic Mohammad cartoon, considered blasphemy by Muslims, has been displayed in France through solidarity, and Mark Long has said he will multiply his efforts to stop conservative Islamic beliefs from breaking French values ​​and offending many Muslims.

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