Turkey’s announcement between the Armenia and Azerbaijan war will increase global tension

Ankara: Armenia and Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan), the war may become more terrifying in the coming days. Once again the danger of this war turning into a global war appeared. So far, Turkey (Turkey), which is indirectly involved in this war, announced that it could send its army to support Azerbaijan.

… Then Russia also jumps and
Turkey says that if the request comes from Azerbaijan, it is ready to send its army. The direct intervention of Turkey in this war would mean great damage. Because in this case, the chances of Russia (Russia) entering the war will increase, and Russia supports Armenia.

Wants to pick up

Turkish Vice President Fuat Okati said that if there is a request from Azerbaijan to send troops, we will not back down from providing military assistance. However, he also said that such a request has yet to come. Turkey also claimed that Armenia occupies Baku land.

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This accusation

, in a conversation with CNN, the Turkish vice president criticized the faction led by the United States, France and Russia, and said that the group does not want to end the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. He added that this group helps Armenia politically and militarily. In such a situation, if Azerbaijan requests, we are ready to send our army. It is known that many countries, including Russia and America, are involved in efforts to bring peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan. At the initiative of Russia, a ceasefire was also agreed upon in both countries, but this agreement could not last for long.

Why is the fight going on?

The main cause of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which was part of the former Soviet Union, is the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Azerbaijan describes the mountainous region in this region as its own while Armenia is occupied here. 1994 Armenia occupied the area since the fighting ended. 2016 also there was a bloody war between the two countries over this region in which 200 people were killed. Go. Now both countries are face to face again.

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