Twitter, Donald Trump’s torture lab amid soaring US COVID-19 cases | World news

Washington: On Sunday, Twitter deleted a’misleading’ tweet that undermined the effectiveness of the masks posted on President Donald Trump by top coronavirus advisor, and US cases surged before the November 3rd election.

After the Trump administration stopped accusing the mixed message of wearing a mask that had hampered the fight against the coronavirus, Dr. Scott Atlas continued to minimize the importance of the mask in a Twitter post on Saturday, saying, “Mask works? No.”

Twitter deleted the tweet last Sunday, claiming that subject matter experts violated a misleading information policy about COVID-19 that targets statements identified as false or misleading.

The White House did not immediately comment on this decision.

The Atlas downplayed the wearing of a mask, a coronavirus containment measure that was widely approved by health experts but not enthusiastically promoted by the president.

Republican leader Trump is seeking re-election on November 3 against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden amid an epidemic that has weakened the economy and killed more than 217,000 Americans.

Interactive graphics Tracking the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, publicly available ( ) from an external browser.

According to Reuters analysis, new infections are rising rapidly in the United States, with the 69,400 reported on Friday rising from 46,000 a month ago. The total number of US cases exceeded 8 million.

After being hospitalized for the night of three nights in early October, Trump has been crossing the country in an 11-hour campaign as he lags behind in many polls. His rally, despite federal coronavirus guidelines, attracted thousands of supporters from close by, many without masks.

Despite data appearing differently, Trump has repeatedly said in recent weeks that the country has been “rounding up” against the coronavirus.

Trump put the recent surge in coronavirus cases back to more tests on Sunday, but health experts say the rise in hospitalizations and the rate at which people test positive for the virus is actually increasing.

“The US shows more CASES than any other country,” he wrote on Twitter, because Lamestream Fake News Media tests at that high (and expensive) level every day.

Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Director Dr. Scott Gottlieb said the United States is probably entering the worst stages of the epidemic without a national strategy.

“I think the next three months will be very difficult,” Gottlieb told CBS “Face the Nation” on Sunday. There is no backstop to the spread we are seeing.”

Hospitalizations are on the rise in 42 states, and there are no vaccine-poor interventions that could stop the spread, he said. The White House opposes universal masking, opposes testing of people with asymptomatic and mild symptoms, and wants businesses and schools to resume, he said.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Hazar urged Americans to wear masks, wash their hands, and continue social distancing. “Wait with us,” he added in NBC’s “Meet the Press,” and “we are too close.”

However, Gottlieb, a member of the board of directors of vaccine manufacturer Pfizer Inc, said it would be February or March until the first tranches of vaccinated people are actually protected from the virus.

“So I ask the question,’What is your strategy?’ “And I think the strategy is to endure the spread until we reach the vaccine.”

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