Twitter reports prematurely as President-elect Joe Biden posts

Twitter Marks Premature Posts As “Presidential Elections” To Joe Biden

San Francisco:

Twitter on Friday called the premature positions a “presidential election,” with Democrats in several major states continuing to count the votes in American public elections with Donald Trump in the lead.

Tweets referring to the former Vice President with the title of winner and accompanying Kamala Harris were tagged with the message “Vice President Elect” indicating that the tally was not yet final.

“Official sources would not have called the race when it was tweeted,” read a Twitter post under a post from Democratic coalition co-founder and podcaster Scott Dwarkin, using both headlines for Biden and Harris.

The notice was accompanied by a link to information on the state of the elections.

Twitter told AFP that the move was in line with its civic integrity policy and that the situation has remained the same since the polls closed on Tuesday evening.

A Twitter spokesperson said, “We will win claims that meet our criteria in Pennsylvania and in the presidential election.”

“By our rules, unless the second source determines it, victory claims must refer to the source who made the call.”

Twitter accounts that qualify for published posts include presidential campaigns or contenders, as well as US-based accounts with over 100,000 followers or tweets liked or cited extensively.

The results of the vote will be counted when announced by state election officials or officially on Twitter when the results are approved by at least two national media outlets with independent adjudicating offices, according to the one- messaging service. to-many. is.

Twitter and Facebook have been scrambling to spread, hide and limit claims of victory or the spread of bogus attacks on the voting process since the polls closed on Tuesday night.

Twitter said: “With votes still being counted across the country, our teams are continuing their enforcement actions on the tweets, announcing wins ahead of time or misleading information about the election.”

Unintentional allegations by Trump about the voting process, as well as premature claims of victory over either candidate in the race, have been reported or withheld, with links to reliable sources of information.

Twitter’s action made comments less visible and forced users wanting to read the article to click on the disclaimer.

(Except for the title, this story was not edited by NDTV employees and posted from a syndicated feed.)

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