Twitter to hand over Biden boss on opening day

Joe Biden, for his part, is much more won over by Twitter users.

Washington, United States:

U.S. media did not confirm their election losses to President Donald Trump on Friday, although President Donald Trump was sworn in when he was inaugurated, Twitter will control the @POTUS account on Twitter.

The social media giant “is actively preparing to support the transition of institutional Twitter accounts to the White House on January 20, 2021,” Twitter spokesman Nick Pacilio told Polico in an email.

He said this process was done in consultation with the National Archives, as was the case in 2017.

The transfer will see all existing tweets stored on @POTUS, as well as @FLOTUS, @VP and other official accounts.

The accounts will then be reset to zero tweets and transferred to the White House Biden arriving that day.

Trump, who still has not acknowledged his loss on Nov. 3, used Twitter to help build his political brand and later rebuild presidential power – though he’s primarily using the @realDonaldTrump account, which counts 88% of its subscribers out of the 32 million @ POTUS.

The @POTUS account is widely used to retweet Trump’s personal account as well as the White House and other accounts.

Trump’s persistent habit of suddenly announcing new policies on the platform has led to long-running complaints by tweet.

Twitter has long been under pressure to curb the president’s use of the site to spread disinformation and conspiracy theories.

Since the election, the company has put warning labels on numerous Trump tweets as he insists, despite evidence to the contrary that he won the vote and that Biden’s victory amounts to massive fraud.

Biden, for his part, is more attractive than Twitter users. He sent fewer than 7,000 tweets to his 19 million subscribers, compared to 58,000 for Trump.

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