UFOs Spotted:A dashcam filmed a trio of UFOs in South Korea | Extent News

However, days earlier, a dashcam video in the South Korean driver revealed three UFos or a object and beam of light similar to those who were emerging in the nighttime sky. As we could see in the video, the light shortly disappeared from the sky leaving audiences in shock and entertainment.

We all only heard about UFOs in publications or in comics and have believed them as a fantasy up to now. There are all those well-established space agencies on earth that haven’t yet given us one evidence that could confirm the truth that Aliens and UFOs Exist in actual life. The video has been posted on different social networking stations in which it received mixed responses.

The video was captured once a driver was driving back to his property. While on the street, he noticed a customary beam of light emerging to the sky he thought of to be a UFO. Initially, only 1 light appeared at the sky that was shortly followed by 2 other similar beams of light.

Some called it a bang or editing while some called it called UFOs. No official information was supplied by the government concerning the authenticity of the video.

Vanessa Guess

Vanessa Guess

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