United Nations seeks help from India for Rohingya refugees, cites humanity

Problem of Rohingya refugees

India was invited to the Global Aid Conference for Rohingya Refugees to help Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh.


) New Delhi: India at the World Conference on Aid for Rohingya Refugees organized to help Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh. This 22 conference will be held in October, where an appeal has been made to join India and provide financial assistance to Rohingya refugees.

Many Refugee Agencies Work Together

The conference is organized jointly by US, UK, EU and UN refugee agencies. The purpose of this conference is to raise funds to help Rohingya refugees who have fled the Rakhine province of Myanmar and are living in Bangladesh.

The Indian government will help!
Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said: “India is also linked to the Rohingya refugee problem. India is the neighbor of Myanmar and Bangladesh. We want the safe and timely return of Rohingya refugees, so that they can return to Rakhine province. Whatever help India can provide for this, it will. India will help both countries in this work.

Call to raise $ 1 billion to help Rohingyas

The UN aimed to raise $ 1 billion ($ 1 billion) to help Rohingya Muslims living in Bangladesh from a humanitarian point of view. But even half of the fund could not raise. After that, the United Nations decided to organize a virtual conference 22 in October to raise funds to help Rohingya refugees.

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