United States: Car hits at least six people taking part in New York protest – New York: Car crashed into protest against immigration detention, killing several

Car hit and injured at least 6 people

New York: On Friday, a car suddenly entered the protest site in New York, United States, striking and injuring several people. Police and eyewitnesses said a protest was underway in New York City. During this time, a car struck half a dozen people. Many people were injured as a result of the car crash. However, no deaths have been reported. A spokesperson for the New York Police Department told the AFP news agency that the vehicle struck several people in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan at 4 p.m. local time. “Many people were injured in this incident, who were taken to various hospitals for treatment,” he said.

The spokesperson said a woman was driving the vehicle and was taken into custody. He said it was too early to tell if the woman had done all of this on purpose or if it was just an accident. Eyewitnesses said at least six people were injured in the incident.

The incident occurred as people protested against the detention of immigrants by immigration and customs officials. Protesters were staging a sit-in to support those detained on hunger strike.

ABC News said 40 to 50 protesters were in the area at the time of the crash. Protests took place on the road and the car climbed over the protesters, injuring at least six of them.

An eyewitness told NBC that two women were driving in a navy-colored BMW car and that they were white women. To my knowledge, they hit our 6 demonstrators. ”

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