US Democratic Vice President Candidate Kamala Harris Stops Travel Planning After Two Campaigners Test Positive for COVID-19 | World news

Washington, DC: Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris canceled travel plans until next Monday after two people involved in Joe Biden’s presidential election tested positive for coronavirus.

While speaking remotely at a campaign event, Kamala Harris said, “We were supposed to meet in person today, and other things happened. The last time I saw it was 7 days ago. I’ve had a lot of tests right now, all of which are negative and okay. Fine. “

Harris planned an aggressive itinerary ahead of the November 3 presidential elections of running mates Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Harris said he would physically start the campaign again next Monday.

Kamala Harris started voting early on Thursday, and President Donald Trump was also scheduled to appear in North Carolina, a competitive battlefield nation ahead of the election.

The coronavirus pandemic hit the United States in particular, killing more people than any other country and overturning the 2020 presidential election.

The campaign was reported late Wednesday that Harris’ head of communications Liz Allen and flight attendants were found to have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Both traveled with the Democratic Senator during a campaign tour in Arizona on October 8. Harris wore a mask during the flight shared with Allen and flight attendants, who were both negative before and after the flight.

Campaign manager Jen Dillon said in a statement that Kamala Harris will be returning to the campaign directly on Monday, October 19th.

“This is the kind of behavior we’ve been continuing to model in this campaign,” she said. None of these have ever had contact with Vice President Biden, Senator, or any other employee since testing positive or 48 hours before testing positive. said.

Kamala Harris recently had two PCR tests for COVID-19, most recently done on Wednesday, and all were negative. According to the campaign, she was flying with two of them, but wearing a mask, she did not get closer than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes.

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