US economy jumps 33.1% in third quarter, biggest gain on record, government says – U.S. economy grows 33.1% in third quarter, government says

Highlights: The first estimate of the results of the last three months was recorded in the quarter from April to June, a decrease of 31.4%, a decrease of 5% in the first quarter. Washington:

After a record decline, the US economy recorded the strongest recovery to date and grew at a rate of 33.1% in the third quarter. During the Corona virus outbreak, the US economy experienced a sharp decline of 31.4% in the April-June quarter, down from 5% in the first quarter. The annual rate, or annual rate, is a measure that shows the growth of a quarter from 12 months and then shows it. However, compared to the July-September 2019 quarter, the third quarter also saw a decrease of 2.9%, while in the second quarter there was a 9% decrease year on year.

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According to statistics, this is the first estimate of the results of the last three months. A Commerce Department statement said, “This increase in the third quarter is the result of continued efforts to open business and resume activities restricted or suspended due to Kovid-19.” He also states that the overall impact of Kovid-19 on the economy cannot be measured separately. The biggest increase since 1947 was recorded by soaring consumer and business spending. However, economists have warned that this boom in the economy is the result of the $ 3 trillion in aid given by the government. This funding for the unemployed and businesses is now closed.

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