US Election 2020: The Trump family finally realizes the power of their masks

Donald Trump’s family

US President Donald Trump had underestimated the risk of the spread of the Corona epidemic from the beginning and was also attacked by opposition leaders. Later, he contracted Corona, and yet his family has so far avoided wearing the muzzle.

(Washington) : US President Donald Trump underestimated the danger of the Corona epidemic from the beginning and the leaders of the opposition were also attacked. Later, he himself contracted Corona, and yet his family has so far avoided wearing the muzzle. But during the last presidential debate for the presidential election, his entire family was seen wearing a mask. However, the authorities had to warn them that if they did not put on the mask, or remove the mask after introduction, they would be removed from the place of discussion.

Security standards forced to apply masks! 771889 During the last presidential debate, the family was seen wearing masks all the time due to pressure from the authorities. During this time, son Eric was wearing a mask with First Lady Melania Trump, his daughters Ivanka and Tiffany. However, during this time as well, the family took a special interest in matching attire and was seen wearing masks according to the color of their clothes.

Trump and his wife Melania contracted Corona

Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump contracted Corlavon (the new Coronavirus) only after the first round of presidential debates, after which Donald Trump was forced to spend a lot of time in the hospital. After wearing the mask, one of the supporters said that he cares about the country, so he did not refuse to wear the mask.

… but when you reach the seat! 771889 Everyone wore masks during the last presidential debate, but when the family was recently seated, all of the masks were seen naked. While all others wore a malk throughout the discussion.

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