US Election: Is Donald Trump’s “Brahmastra” Against Biden Kanye West?

Washington: The American presidential race in the elections, the real competition between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but there is also one person whose claim shocked everyone. This person’s name is Kanye West. This American rapper recently released a video urging people to vote for him.

Kanye West has talked about rivalry in the past as well, but no one took it seriously. However, it is now evident that he is trying his luck in the electoral field. Kanye spoke about his vision with the release of a video.

Well thought out strategy

The American rapper is considered a supporter of the current President Donald Trump. Therefore, political experts believe that Kanye West has been framed with a well-thought-out strategy. Kanye is hugely popular in the American black community, which is considered a voting bank for Trump’s rival Biden. In a situation like this, if Kanye manages to get some black votes, Donald Trump will directly benefit from it.

People are angry with Trump

Out of all the polls conducted so far, most Joe Biden’s chances of winning have been voiced. There is discontent with Trump on many issues, including Corona. Aside from this, the frequent revelations about Trump also affected his image. Somewhere, Donald Trump himself accepts this fact. This is why Kanye sees the West as part of Trump’s strategy.

… Then Biden’s vote

if Kanye manages to get some votes because of his popularity, then that will have direct meaning that will reduce the votes Biden gets. Which will definitely benefit Donald Trump. Kanye is spending big money on his campaign. According to an estimate, he has spent $ 58 on his campaign so far. Hoodies, hats and T-shirts are also sold on their website.

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