US Election Results 2020: Delaware Elects US First Transgender State Senator Sarah McBride Democrat | World news

Dover (USA): Democrat Sarah McBride won the Delaware State Senate contest and will be the first publicly transgender state senator in the United States when he takes the oath.

McBride defeated Republican member Steve Washington and took the open seat after the longest-serving lawmaker in Delaware history retired.

She won the Democratic region stretching from northern Wilmington to the Pennsylvania border and will be the first transgender state senator, although she has joined other transgender legislators across the country.

McBride said Tuesday night, “The result tonight is that the residents of the area are fair minded and are seeing the candidate’s ideas,” he said on Tuesday night.

“I hope that young LGBTQ kids here in Delaware can see the results anywhere in the country and see that our democracy is big enough for them too.”

McBride interned at the White House under former President Barack Obama and made history as the first public transgender to speak at a major party convention at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

She has been in the Senate since 1976 and succeeds fellow Democrat Harris McDowell, who supported McBride’s candidacy.

McBride’s campaign generated interest and funding across the country, generating more than US$270,000 in donations in early October, surpassing the fundraising total for even Delaware-wide candidates for public office.

McBride, former President of the Student Council at American University, started out in the political field as a volunteer for Matt Denn, former legal counsel to Governor Delaware, during a successful campaign for insurance commissioners in 2004. Denn, who later served as Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, worked with McBride’s father at the Wilmington law firm, known for its close ties to the founding of the Democratic Party.

McBride later joined the campaigns of former governor Jack Markell and former state attorney general Beau Biden.

McBride is one of several members of the LGBTQ community who was elected to the state legislature on Tuesday.

Social worker and political rookie Marie Pinknido was elected to the State Senate after dismissing Senate Speaker Protem, first elected to the General Assembly in 1978 in the Democratic primary election in September. Pinkney identifies as queer and is the first publicly queer woman to be elected to the legislature.

Similarly, Democrat Eric Morrison became the first gay man to be publicly elected at the General Assembly on Tuesday after defeating an incumbent Congressman in the September primary election.

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