US Elections: PAK Biden Will Be Happy When President Gets Sad Under Trump’s Rule, You Know Why

American presidential election

Pakistan will be very happy that Biden becomes president. The Pakistani government was angry with Donald Trump, while Biden appears to be interested.


New Delhi: People all over the world are waiting for the final result of the US elections. Looking at the trends, it looks like Biden is very close to winning the presidential election. Donald Trump is late and Biden is leading the court. In such a situation the question arises that if Joe Biden wins and becomes America’s 46th President, what will be the impact on the Indian subcontinent? Diplomatic analysts believe that during the Donald Trump era, relations between India and the United States were monitored very closely. At the same time, it is said that Pakistan will receive a lot of relief from Biden becoming president. The government of Pakistan was angry with Donald Trump for constantly berating Pakistan on the issue of terrorism, as well as stopping financial aid.

In the background it is said that Pakistan can get relief after Joe Biden becomes president. That’s why he sees his interest in Biden’s victory. There are some special reasons for this:

Biden’s old relationship with Pakistan Pakistani

Prime Minister Imran Khan also wants to see Biden as US president instead of Trump. In reality, Democratic candidate Biden is an old diplomat and has an old relationship with Pakistan. They have a cordial relationship with Pakistan and will therefore refrain from taking rigorous action against it.

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Pakistan gave this honor to Biden

It may be known that Pakistan awarded Joe Biden the country’s second highest civil honor “Hilal-e-Pakistan” in 2008. At that time, along with Biden, the senator also Richard Lugar was in favor of providing $ 1.5 billion in non-military aid to Pakistan. Impressed by Lugar’s support, Pakistan also gave him “Hilal-e-Pakistan”.

Asif Ali Zardari was the president of Pakistan at the time and thanked Biden for his continued support for Pakistan. Although Zardari is no longer on the president’s presidency, but Pakistan seems to have fulfilled the hope. Pakistani analysts think that once Joe Biden becomes president, the old era of diplomacy between America and Pakistan will return once again.

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