US elections: shocked by Donald Trump’s campaign from the court, case closed in these two states

American presidential election

Donald Trump, in the run-up to the ballot for the election of the US president, also received a setback from the court.


Washington: The count continues after the US presidential election. According to the latest results, Joe Biden secured the 264 electoral vote and is only 6 votes from the majority, while Donald Trump (Donald Trump) received 214 electoral votes. Trump talks about going to court after accusing him of electoral fraud.

Shocking the Trump Campaign in a Legal Battle

However, Donald Trump’s campaign received a setback in the Georgia and Michigan legal battle, and the judges of both states have dismissed the cases. The Trump campaign claimed in the case of Georgia that 53 overdue cards were mixed with cards arriving on time. At the same time, in Michigan, the campaign called for a halt to vote counting and greater access to the tabulation process.

What the Judges Said About the Case

In the Georgia case, Superior Court Justice James Bais said there was no evidence that the ballots on which the questions were raised were invalid. In the Michigan case, Judge Cynthia Stephens said there was no basis for continuing the case. Trump’s campaign spokesperson declined to comment following the court’s decision.

Allegations of maneuvers in Nevada too

Trump’s colleagues also said there had been voting irregularities in Nevada, including Las Vegas. Please note that vote counting is still ongoing in these three states, which may decide the post of president.


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