US Elections: Trump wanted the improvement of rival Kamala Harris, you know why

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has called for Democratic Party candidate Kamala Harris for vice president. He hoped it would be fine soon.


Washington: US President Donald Trump wished Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris candidate on behalf of the Democratic Party. He hoped he will be well soon.

In fact, a few days ago Kovid

, a crew member of the plane involved in the presidential campaign of Trump’s rival Joe Biden. . This reaction from Trump came after this incident. 

According to a report on The Hill News website, the president made this remark while addressing supporters at an election rally in Muskegon, Michigan on Saturday night. Trump said: “I hope she is in good condition, because some people in her group have been impressed by Kovid, so we all wish her well.”

He further said: ‘Do we all want to wish them the best? yes we will. We hope he is recovering. Harris has postponed his trip to the campaign as a precaution after positive cases. The California senator and her husband conducted the Kovid – 19 test and their report was negative. I. Biden said in an announcement Saturday that Harris was Monday in Orlando and is returning to the expedition with plans to travel to Jacksonville, Florida.


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