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Washington/Seattle: Boeing received approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to re-flight the 737 MAX jet after two years of regulatory investigations and two fatal crashes that sparked corporate upheaval. FAA manager Steve Dickson has signed an order to lift the longest 20-month flight ban in commercial aviation history, which has published details on software upgrades and training changes that require aircraft to re-flight with passengers .

The 737 MAX crash in Indonesia and Ethiopia killed 346 people in five months in 2018 and 2019, sparked investigations, undermined US leadership in global aviation, and cost Boeing about $20 billion. It. “We’ve done everything humans can,” Dixon told Reuters that this kind of collision never happened again. He said he felt “100% confident” about the safety of the plane.

The FAA’s move means that U.S. airlines can start flying commercially once they have completed the FAA’s requirements, but flights elsewhere will be subject to approval by other regulatory bodies around the world. In a sign of independence, Canada and Brazil are continuing their review on Wednesday, but expect to complete the process soon, explaining how the 737 MAX crash overturned the once-US-dominated airline safety system, which had moved countries large and small for decades. I did. We work closely with the FAA.

U.S. plane maker’s best-selling jets will face headwinds due to the reviving coronavirus epidemic, new European trade tariffs, and distrust of one of the most meticulous brands in the aviation sector. The 737 MAX is a redesigned upgrade to the jet, first introduced in the 1960s. Single-aisle jets like the MAX and rival Airbus A320neo are flagships that dominate aircraft around the world and provide a major source of industry revenue.

Boeing’s share price is up 2% to $214.21. The share of major US airlines has increased. Once the flight begins, Boeing will operate a 24-hour war room to monitor all MAX flights to monitor issues that could affect the return of the jet, from landing gear sticking to medical emergencies, three people familiar with the issue said.

Families of the victims of the Ethiopian crash said in a statement that they felt “absolute disappointment and new sadness” after the FAA decided to return the aircraft to service. “My family has collapsed,” said Nao Is Ryan, whose 39-year-old husband died on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.

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Regulators have quickly grounded the plane worldwide after the second MAX crash in March 2019, but the process of getting the plane back into the air will be lengthy and complex. The FAA is calling for new pilot training and software upgrades to handle a stall prevention system called MCAS. MCAS handles a collision avoidance system that repeatedly and powerfully pushes the jet’s nose as pilots struggle to regain control.

The U.S. airline, which has the 737 MAX jet, said on Wednesday it would complete the FAA’s maintenance and training requirements. They gradually return planes on a schedule that has declined sharply due to the epidemic. American Airlines plans to relaunch its first commercial MAX flight after landing on December 29, followed by United Airlines in the first quarter of 2021 and Southwest Airlines in the second quarter.

Meanwhile, Alaska Airlines said it expects to acquire its first 737 MAX aircraft early next year and begin passenger service in March. The FAA, accused of being too close to Boeing in the past, said it would no longer allow Boeing to sign the airworthiness of about 450737 MAX manufactured and parked during the no-fly period. Extend the delivery of the jet by planning a direct inspection, which may take more than a year to complete.

The modest Boeing is working hard to maintain maintenance and find many new buyers of the 737 MAX after receiving a cancellation from the original buyer. Demand has further declined due to the coronavirus crisis

Resuming deliveries of the 737 MAX despite all the hurdles will open up an important cash pipeline for hundreds of parts suppliers that are under-financing due to production cuts related to safety bans on Boeing and jets. During the development of the plane, there have been many reports to Boeing and the FAA. According to a September U.S. House of Representatives report, Boeing failed to design and develop MAX, and FAA failed to oversee and certify.

It also criticized Boeing for withholding important information from the FAA, customers and pilots, including “concealing the very existence of MCAS from the 737 MAX pilots”. Boeing’s chief executive urged employees to report whenever they see behavior that goes against the values ​​of safety, quality and integrity.

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In a letter from Dave Calhoun, “We have implemented a series of meaningful changes to strengthen the company’s safety practices and culture. The US Senate Committee on Wednesday unanimously approved a bill reforming the way the FAA certifies new aircraft. The House of Representatives unanimously passed the reform bill on Tuesday. Boeing faces lawsuits from families of accident victims

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