US Forces Defend Air Raids As Taliban Warn About’Results’ | World news

Last week, the US military defended an air strike against Taliban fighters last week. Rebel groups accused Washington of violating the signed agreement and warned of consequences if such actions continued.

The Taliban launched a massive offensive to conquer the capital in the southern province of Helmand, which triggered an American air raid to support the overwhelming Afghan security forces.

Taliban spokesman Kari Muhammad Yusuf Ahmadi said in a statement Sunday that “the US military has violated the Doha Agreement in various forms by carrying out excessive air strikes as a result of new developments in the Hellman region.

The US-Taliban agreement signed in Doha stipulates that foreign powers leave Afghanistan in exchange for security guarantees and rebel pledges, and promised to sit with the Kabul administration to find a peaceful solution to decades of war.

“The responsibility and consequences of continuing these actions will fall completely on the shoulders of the US,” said Ahmadi, adding that air and drone attacks have also been carried out in other states.

A US military spokesman, Colonel Sonny Regett, denied that the strike violated the agreement.

“The whole world has witnessed the Taliban offensive operation in Hellmand. This attack wounded and converted thousands of innocent Afghan civilians,” Regett repeated tweeting demanding “everything” to reduce violence.

Talks between the Taliban and Afghan government negotiators began in Doha last month, but the process has been slow and violence continues. Diplomats and officials say this is undermining the trust needed to succeed.

After the Battle of Helmand, the US envoy to Afghanistan Zal Mai Khaliljad said Thursday that the Taliban had agreed to “reset” their promises and reduce the number of casualties.

Earlier this month, the Taliban welcomed US President Donald Trump’s tweet that before the May 2021 schedule agreed in Doha, all US troops should “stay home until Christmas”.

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