US Navy plane crashes in Alabama, kills two aboard | World news

Foolishness: A U.S. Navy trainer taking off from Florida crashed last Friday (October 24) in a residential area in Alabama near the Gulf, killing both people, authorities said.

Naval Air Force commander spokesman Zach Harrell said both of the T-6B Texan II trainers were killed, but did not immediately disclose their names. No injuries were reported on the ground.

Foley Fire Chief Joey Darby said respondents suffered a “mass fire” with their homes and multiple cars in flames. The fireman told the local media that “we were able to stop the fire quickly.”

The accident took place southeast of Mobile, near Polish and Magnolia Springs. Darby called this neighborhood a “popular” residential area. The fireman added that he was not injured.

The plane flew from Whiting Field, a naval air base about 48.28 kilometers northeast of Pensacola, Florida, said Navy spokesman Julie Ziegenhorn.

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office tweeted that the U.S. Department of Defense and Navy are scheduled to handle the investigation.

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