US President Opinion Survey: The First Step To Defeating The Coronavirus Is To Defeat Donald Trump: Joe Biden | World news

Washington: The first step in defeating the coronavirus, which had had a devastating effect on the United States, is ensuring President Donald Trump’s election defeat, his Democratic contender Joe Biden said Monday.

Biden made an ardent petition in his final debate with the city of Pittsburgh, urging his compatriots to defeat Trump, who had failed over the past four years.

Biden said in his second speech that day that “the first step in defeating the virus is to defeat Donald Trump.” With nearly a billion Americans already voting and millions voted to run the franchise on Tuesday, the former vice president urged people to go out and vote in large numbers.

“My message is simple, the power to change this country is in your hands. It doesn’t matter how hard Donald Trump works. No matter how hard he tries, there is no way to stop people from this country from voting. “He said.

“There was a media article last week, and it reads like this,” Biden said. “In modern presidential history, no candidate has ever relied so much on a broader effort to suppress the vote like Trump did.”

“Trump doesn’t want all of you to vote. He doesn’t want an American vote. He thinks only wealthy people should vote. And if the United States votes, you will hear the American voice.

“When you hear America, the message will be loud and clear. It’s time for Donald Trump to pack up his bag and go home. Go home,” he said.

“Hey, we ended up in chaos. Racism is over. Tweets, anger, hate and irresponsibility are over, but we have a lot to do, folks. If I am elected President, we will act. On the first day, we will act to control COVID. “” said Biden.

He argued that Trump did more to harm the black American than any other president in modern history. “I’m the one who started the birthing movement against my friend Barack Obama. The first black woman to run for the vice president is the one who sees her and calls her a monster.” Said the president.

Biden ended the day with a drive-in rally in Pittsburgh, the city that launched the campaign 18 months ago. In his final message, he said this election is a fight for “the soul of our people” and “a leader who needs the state to recover from the epidemic and recover better than before.”

In a late night tweet, Biden described this as a lifetime election. “Within 12 hours, voters will be heading to the polling place for the most important elections of our lives. Everything boils down to this,” he wrote.

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