US Presidential Debate 2020: Why did Trump issue such a statement to India?

Nashville: US Presidential Election Nashville 2020 (US President Election 2020) Final Round of Presidential Debate

In), President and Republican candidate Donald Trump mentioned India again in response to a question from Democratic challenger Joe Biden. This time, US President Donald Trump mentioned India during the climate change debate. Trump’s statement is likely to be discussed among American Indian voters.

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Compared to China and Russia

during a discussion on climate change, US President Donald Trump said that America now has the best record in fighting climate change, especially with regard to carbon emissions. Look at China, Russia and India, he said, how “dirty” these countries are. Trump said “the air was dirty there” and this can also be seen by adding more to Trump’s previous trips in these countries. Trump’s statement is likely to be discussed among American Indian voters about why Trump made such a statement on India, while he praised the visit.

Trump maintains his position

Let’s tell you that Donald Trump is known for his despicable views on climate change. Under his supervision, the United States reneged on the Paris Agreement. Trump was of the view that America should not be forced to bear a greater burden on climate change than other countries in the world. During the presidential election debate, he also appeared to be repeating the same stance.

Justifying his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, Trump said: “The Paris Agreement will cost trillions of dollars. We were treated very badly, so we backed away.” Targeting past governments, Trump said it was the fault of those who made the agreement. By doing this, past governments wanted to end our business.

Along with Joe Biden

On the issue, Joe Biden said that climate change and global warming pose a “existential threat” to humanity. Everyone has a moral responsibility to deal with it. He said he was able to promote both environmental organizations and work on the boardroom on his climate plan. Biden claimed his plans would create more jobs than Trump.

Please say that even before that Donald Trump mentioned India during the US elections. Earlier, Trump compared India to India about the Corona virus and said that thousands of people lose their lives in India every day due to Corona.

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