US Presidential Election 2020: Donald Trump Launches Final Campaign For A Surprise Victory | World news

Washington: U.S. President Donald Trump launched a sprint in the last two days of campaigning in the battlefield nation of the 2020 elections on Sunday, ignoring polls and winning a reversal victory over Democratic aider Joe Biden.

Faced with a narrow path to re-election, Trump will halt in a state that may prove pivotal in deciding whether he will remain at the White House for four more years or become the first president after George HW Bush. In 1992, the bid for the second term was unsuccessful.

Biden’s national lead over the Republican president is relatively stable as the public health crisis over the coronavirus continues in recent months. He leads 51% to 43% in the Reuters/Ipsos poll last October 27-29.

However, Trump is still close to Biden on the state battlefield enough to give him the 270 state electoral votes he needs to win his second term. Races are still messing up in Florida, North Carolina and Arizona, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

With Trump’s response to the epidemic as a central theme in his run, Biden will campaign on Sunday in Pennsylvania, the state to determine the winners of the election.

Trump will hold 10 rally five times a day on Sundays and Mondays. He aims to create enough momentum to drive the overwhelming turnout of his supporters on Election Tuesday.

On Sunday, the president will meet in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. On Monday, his campaign scheduled two events in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and in Michigan.

He will wrap up his two-day swing with a late-night rally on Monday at Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he finished his campaign in 2016. Four years ago, he won an unexpected victory over Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Three states that have been in the Democratic column for decades.

What is assessing Trump is an increase in coronavirus infections. The country has killed nearly 230,000 people and recorded more than 9 million cases. Trump suppresses the virus and says opponents are using it.

At a rally in Newtown, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Trump seemed to lament the fierce competition with Biden, whom he thought was a weak opponent.

“This can only happen to me,” Trump said. “How can it be tied up?”

Despite Biden’s lead in national polls, state-by-state surveys of battlefield nations reveal closer races.

To win again, Trump must make a narrow path by winning over states like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, and Arizona that won in 2016 and holding at least one of the Midwest states that he took four years ago. Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin.

Some Republicans are pessimistic about Trump’s opportunity, believing that there are too many states with Trump having his back on the wall. They also worry that 90 million people who voted early are proposing a wave building for the president.

Trump and his team believe that the polls underestimate the level of Republican support, many of his supporters do not want to admit much to the polls, claiming that the incumbent will win thanks to strong Republican voting efforts. Do it. .

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