US Presidential Election 2020: Joe Biden Gets Close To Victory As Donald Trump Launches Litigation Surprise To Delay Him | World news

Washington/Wilmington: Democrat Joe Biden is nearing victory against Donald Trump on Thursday .

Tensions have risen in some areas as vote counts were pulled two days after the election ended, and on the second day street protests were even duel over the integrity of the election. Biden, a former U.S. vice president, continued to reduce Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia, while maintaining poor margins in Nevada and Arizona.

Trump, who attacked the integrity of the U.S. voting system during a long and rough campaign, once again alleged voting fraud without providing evidence, filed a lawsuit, and demanded at least one state review. The Trump campaign’s recent move was a lawsuit to be released late Thursday alleging voting fraud in Nevada, another important owner he barely pursues Biden.

Some legal experts have said that these challenges will not affect the final outcome of the elections, one of the most unusual presidential races in modern American history due to the coronavirus pandemic. Concerns about the virus resulted in a significant increase in people voting by mail, delaying the results.

Still, Biden leads in Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona, closing Trump in Georgia and Pennsylvania. A number of Trump lawsuits and recount requests must be successful, and if Biden wins, tens of thousands of invalid ballots must be found to revert the results.

Biden’s campaign manager Jen O said, “What we are seeing in these cases is that they are useless. For now, it’s just an attempt to distract and delay the inevitable. Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.” ‘Malley Dillon told reporters. “Donald Trump is alive and healthy,” Trump’s elections predicted victory by election official Bill Steffien.

Some of the outstanding votes in Georgia and Pennsylvania have gathered in places where Democrats are expected to lean on, such as Atlanta and Philadelphia. In Georgia, officials hoped to reach a resolution on the number of votes by the end of Thursday. Trump’s erosion lead is about 14,000, which requires about 2% of the ballots to be counted. Trump’s lead was in Pennsylvania with about 115,000 votes, with about 8% of ballots remaining in the tally.

Trump must win in states he still precedes, including North Carolina, Arizona, or Nevada in order to avoid and win being the first incumbent US president to be defeated in re-election after fellow Republican George HW Bush in 1992. The president appears. During the calculations, in some states he became more upset as his lead decreased or evaporated. On Thursday morning, he wrote on Twitter, “STOP THE COUNT!” And “Stop buying!” I have no authority to count ballots, but

Trump, who often enjoyed legal fights during his long and fierce business career, used his phone at the White House and monitored development on television, two Trump advisers said. He is talking not only with the state governor, but also with close friends and advisors, and has sent the nearest advisor to the scene to fight for him.

To capture the White House, candidates must collect at least 270 votes from the state electoral corps. These election votes are largely determined by the state population. Edison Research found that Biden took the lead 243-213 in the electoral vote. Other news outlets said Biden would win Wisconsin and give him 10 more votes.

The incredibly close elections have emphasized political polarization and racial, socio-economic, religious and generational boundaries in the United States, as well as deep divisions between urban and rural areas. Aggregation and court appeals set the stage for days, if not weeks of uncertainty, before the election dispute resolution deadline of December 8. The President takes office on January 20, 2021.

Marvelous margins

Trump’s campaign urged a recount in Wisconsin, with Biden receiving about 21,000 votes out of the 3.3 million cast, with little margin to deserve a recount. But election experts said the resumption in Wisconsin was unlikely to change the results. Trump’s campaign has announced plans to bring a Nevada lawsuit alleging a series of voting misconduct, such as votes by people who have left the state or died in populous Clark County, including Las Vegas.

His campaign has also sued in Michigan and Pennsylvania to halt the counting of votes. Election Secretary Jocelyn Benson, Michigan State Secretary of State, said the Trump team’s lawsuit was “frivolous”. Trump’s campaign has filed a lawsuit in Georgia requiring the segregation and securing of late arriving ballots to avoid counting Chatham County, including Savannah City.

In addition, the U.S. Supreme Court asked Trump to allow him to participate in a lawsuit filed by a Republican of Pennsylvania over whether he should allow the state of the battlefield to accept late arriving ballots sent on Election Day. Despite Trump’s allegations of fraud and unfounded charges that Democrats “try to steal” elections, US election experts say voting fraud is rare.

Thursday marked the second day of peaceful election protests as protesters gathered in cities including Philadelphia, Washington, Phoenix and Detroit. Some groups, primarily Democrats, have gathered around the slogan to “count all votes”. Some Trump supporters backed the campaign’s efforts to scrap some categories of ballots, including some votes submitted by mail, refuting it with a cry to “protect the votes”.

About 200 Trump supporters (some armed with rifles and pistols) gathered outside the elections office in Phoenix on Wednesday. This led to groundless rumors that votes were not counted. Biden voted about 3.6 million more votes nationally than Trump. Trump won about 3 million more votes nationwide, but defeated Democrat Clinton in 2016 after winning an important battlefield nation and securing an electoral victory.

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