US Presidential Election 2020: Reelection of Four Democrats born in India

Washington: The House of Representatives of the US Congress Four candidates of Indian descent competed for the Democratic Party ticket – Dr. Amy Pera, Pramela Jaipal, Roo Khanna and Raja Krishnamurthy – gave an impressive performance. After he won again.

The American Indian community emerged as a major force for the first time

The American Indian community emerged as a major force for the first time in the election of the President of the United States and both the Democratic and Republican parties 25 Several steps have been taken to attract many voters. The voices of this community are essential to victory in the warring thorny states of Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas and Pennsylvania.

The Leading Republican Candidate

) Krishnamurthy is informally called “Samosa Caucus”, and it is a group of MPs of Indian descent, and this election has the potential to increase at least one member of the group because the Republican candidate to whom Dr. Heral Tibernini David David belongs is in the district Sixth election in Arizona. By the time we get the final information on Schwikert, the edge has increased. If the 52-year-old Heral was elected, she would be the second woman of Indian descent to reach the delegation. Jaibal is the first woman to be elected to the 2016 delegation.

Close to total counted votes 71 Percentage of voting for Harris

The samosa gathering currently includes five American MPs of Indian origin, including four members of the delegation while the fifth member is Senator Kamala Harris (56). Harris is the vice presidential candidate from the Democratic Party in this election. Krishnamurthy (30) easily the Libertarian Party candidate Preston Nelson (71). As of last notice, they had received 71 percent of the total votes counted.

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Ro Khanna 50 won by votes

Rowe Khanna easily defeated his opponent of Indian descent and Republican candidate Ritesh Tandon (42). He won by close to 47. Khanna won from the circuit for the third time in a row. Dr. Amy Berra (50), the most senior member of the samosa caucus, won California’s 7th Constituency for the fifth time. Up to his last notice, his 65-year-old Republican rival, 42-year-old Buzz Patterson, had made unbeatable progress in the vote count. 

President Donald Trump was supported by retired Army Nils

at the same time, Mr. Preston Kulkarni (He is competing for a Democratic ticket from the 22nd Congressional District of Texas. She lost to the Republican candidate Troy Niels (48) found. Popular Mayor (county police officer) and Army retired Nils received support from President Donald Trump. Republican Democratic candidate Manga Anantamula from Wagernia constituency to current Democratic representative and candidate Jerry Connolly has lost Republican Party candidate Nisha Sharma by more than 47 Democratic Party candidate Mark Desoulnier. It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives in the US Congress is the House of Representatives while the Senate is the Senate. (Input- AP agency)

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