US presidential election 2020: Tight competition between Donald Trump and Joe Biden – US results 2020: Thorn in the US presidential election, Biden slightly ahead against Trump

Trump and Biden fight hard in US presidential election

Biden won at least 270 constituency seats for Jit. Trump won in New Jersey and New York. Trump leads in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana. Washington:

2020 U.S. Results: Former U.S. President and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden leads the U.S. presidential election tally in Washington, but his rival and Republican candidate Donald Trump (Donald) Trump) continues to have a collision of thorns with him. According to the latest reports, out of 538 “Electoral College seats” Biden claimed to have won 220 and Trump 213. According to ‘Fox News’, Biden won 238 and Trump 213. At the same time, according to ‘CNN’, Biden won 220 and Trump won 213 ‘electoral college seats’.

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According to the New York Times, Biden won 223 and Trump 212. To reach the White House, one must win at least 270 “electoral college seats”. Pennsylvania officials had said it would take another day before their results were clear in the early hours of Wednesday. There are 20 major “constituency seats” in Pennsylvania. Many mainstream media have yet to announce their estimates for major “battlefield” states like Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia and Naveda. Where the trend is not clear.

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At the same time, Biden won in New Jersey and New York. Biden got 2.2 million votes in New York City and Trump got 1.2 million votes. Won in New Mexico, Vermont and Virginia. While President Trump leads in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wyoming, Indiana and South Carolina. Everyone in the United States watches the results of the presidential election Amid the epidemic of the Kovid-19 pandemic, more than 10 million Americans voted in the poll. Silence in Times Square, crowded with people on election night The counting of votes for the US presidential election began on Tuesday evening.

US presidential election: a close fight between Trump and Biden


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