US Presidential Election 2020: Total Early Voting Count Over 2016, Democrats Take Smaller Edge | World news

Washington : Starting nine days before Election Day, as turnouts skyrocketed with direct early voting in the recent presidential election, more people already voted in this year’s presidential election than early or absent in the 2016 election.

With early voting places opening in Florida, Texas, and elsewhere, millions of new votes have piled up over mail ballots arriving at election offices as voters attempted to avoid crowded places on November 3rd, when the coronavirus pandemic occurred.

As a result, there have been a total of 58.6 million votes so far, more than the 58 million the Associated Press recorded in 2016 as voting through mail or direct direct voting sites.

Democrats continue to dominate the early voting, but Republicans are closing the gap. GOP voters are beginning to appear with early direct voting, a sign that many have been paying attention to President Donald Trump’s unfounded warnings about mail ballot scams.

On October 15th, Democrat registrants threw 51% of all reported votes compared to 25% of Republicans. On Sunday, the Democrats had a slightly smaller edge, from 51% to 31%.

Early voting totals reported by state and local election officials and tracked by the AP are an incomplete indicator of which party can lead. The data only shows political party registration, not which candidate voters support. Most GOP voters are expected to vote on Election Day.

Analysts still said that the sizable Democratic turnout is pressing Republicans to push out voters in the last week, especially November 3. This is particularly evident in highly competitive states such as Florida, Nevada and North Carolina.

“This is a situation where the glass is half full and half empty,” said John Couvillon, a Republican poll closely tracking early voting. “They are appearing more, but Republicans need to close the gap quickly,” he added.

In Florida, for example, Democrats dominated Republicans by mail with a margin of 596,000, while Republicans directly took the lead by only 230,000 won.

Democrats generally dominate early voting directly, but in Nevada, where the state decided to send vote-by-mail ballots to all voters this year, the GOP directly gains a 42,600 voter advantage and Democrats a 97,500 lead in vote-by-mail.

“Someday Republicans will have to vote.

McDonald’s said it was impossible to force everyone through a voting center on Election Day. Do you expect all Republicans to stand in line for 8 hours? Campaigns generally encourage voters to vote early so they can focus on scarce resources chasing more and more nearby voters as Election Day approaches.

It saves money on mail and digital advertisements that usually cash trapped Trump campaigns will want and minimizes the impact of late surprises that can change races.

Trump’s campaign pushed voters to vote early, but his success was limited, pleasing the Democrats.

Democrat data analyst Tom Bonier recently sees the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and its political parties urge Trump supporters to vote by mail. Call to reporter.

“The Twitter account will win every time. But Bonier warned that he does not expect a one-sided election. There are signs that Republicans are participating.

“We expect them to come out in very high numbers on Election Day. It was separated from the voting action. Democrats voted early, and on Election Day, Republicans made some Democrats worry about Trump’s declaration of victory. This is because initial votes are counted last on the Rust Belt map. However, they can be quickly counted in Swing states like Arizona, Florida and North Carolina to balance which political party gets ahead on Election Night.

Some of the record turnouts have led to long lines at early voting places, and there have been occasional cases of voters receiving malformed mail-in ballots. But overall, the vote went relatively smoothly.

With more than one-third of the 150 million ballots predicted by experts coming out of the elections, there have been no armed confrontations at polling places or massive deprivation of votes that have worried election experts for months.

According to an AP analysis of data from political data company L2, new or infrequently many voters who have already voted 25% of all casts are a sign of enthusiasm. These voters are younger and less likely to be white than the average voter.

So far, similar stocks are registering Democrats and Republicans. They are expected to set turnout records with Georgia, where 26.3% of the people who voted are new or infrequently voted, and they have contributed tremendous turnout in states such as Texas, where 30.5% are new or infrequently voters.

The high percentage of new and infrequently voters in the initial voting is part of what makes analysts predict that a total of more than 150 million votes will be thrown and will have the highest turnout in the U.S. presidential elections since 1908.

“There are tons of voters who didn’t vote in 2016. “At this point they are the best signal of strength,” he added.

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