US presidential election: Facebook cancels 2.2 million ads, know why it did it

Facebook Impacts US Elections 22 probably canceled lakhs of advertising. Facebook Vice President Nick Clegg himself (Facebook Vice President Nick Clegg) provided this information. 1.2 million of which have the potential to directly influence the US presidential election.

There was talk of not accepting election announcements in October

In September, Facebook said it would not accept election campaigns that could affect the US presidential election in October. In this, such advertisements are monitored which gave false and misleading information. Facebook has also removed the misleading posts related to Corona Pandemics.

year 2016 Facebook doesn’t want the same situation

Facebook was accused of influencing the US elections in the year 2016. This is why Facebook is being very careful this time around. Donald Trump won the last election, he was also accused of getting Russian help. Some similar 2016 allegations were also made at the time of the British referendum. Facebook Vice President Clegg said Facebook has lined up 35 thousand people for this job. Those who will solve the misleading information. Along with this, these people will also work on the website related security issues.


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