US presidential elections update Donald Trump and Joe Biden for tight finish suggests polls – 2020 US Election: Opinion poll says there won’t be much difference in votes between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

The difference in voice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will not be much.


U.S. Elections 2020: Voting for the presidential election is due in America today. The electoral process has been going on for months and there is a fierce battle between President and Republican candidate Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden. On Monday, the first night of voting, the results of the election polls were found, which showed that the margin of victory between Trump and Biden is very low. Whoever wins, the margin of victory will not be very high.

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According to Real Clear Politics, in the main states, Biden, 77, is ahead of the 74-year-old by 2.9 percentage points. This number is under the margin of error. Over the past few days, there has been some drop in Biden’s score. President Trump, First Family and Vice President Mike Pence rallied a lot during this time. Trump made 15 rallies alone. All have done at least 40 rallies in the last 3 days.

According to Real Clear Politics, the strengths were dragging an average of 6.5 percentage points against Biden across America. A few days ago, Biden was leading by eight points. On Monday, both camps secured their victory.

However, most mainstream media reported on Monday that Trump was lagging behind in terms of victory as he continued to lag behind major states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Arizona. and Wisconsin. At the same time, some are also saying that the state of Texas, which still keeps a leaning towards the Republican candidate, may do something different this time around.

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