US Secretary of State Mike Pompio declares smooth transition to Second Trump administration

The Trump administration is unwilling to hand power over to Biden.


Outgoing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said the transfer of power will be peaceful for the second term of the administration led by Donald Trump in the country. With that, he indicated that he did not accept Joe Biden’s victory and incumbent President Trump’s defeat in the presidential election.

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Pompeo said: “For the Trump administration’s second term, power will be transferred peacefully. We are ready. The world is watching what is going on here. We will count every vote.

At Foreign Ministry headquarters “Foggy Bottom”, he was questioned by reporters on whether his department (president-elect) which is preparing to effect a peaceful transfer of power to Biden and if not, why he is delayed or peaceful Means do not transfer power?

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Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has been declared the winner in the US election.
In response to a question, Pompeo also alleged fraud during the vote and said he was receiving calls from around the world in this regard.


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