US Vice President Mike Pence Bans Use Of 25th Amendment To Remove Donald Trump | World news

Washington: U.S. Vice President Mike Pence ruled out the use of the 25th Amendment to remove outgoing President Donald Trump. Reportedly, Pence told House leaders on Tuesday that he did not support the 25th amendment to remove Donald Trump. However, it only guarantees an impending vote for impeachment of the president.

“With eight days left to serve as president, you and the Democratic cadres, Cabinet and I appeal to the 25th Amendment. Pence wrote a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, proclaiming that Trump was unable to carry out his duties and referring to the process of appointing Pence as acting president for the remainder of his tenure.

“I do not believe that such a course of action is in the best interests of our country or is consistent with our Constitution,” he said hours before voting on a bill urging the House of Representatives to initiate the 25th Amendment proceedings or risks. Impeachment Vote Donald Trump.

This took time to persuade President Donald Trump to push him out of the deadly Capitol Hill attack, while the US House of Representatives pushed for impeachment . But hasn’t Trump regretted the impeachment for his enormous anger? in America.

Already scheduled to retire next week, Trump is on the verge of becoming the only president in history to be impeached twice. In a rally ahead of the Capitol Revolt, his sweeping investigations are accused of impeaching him, despite the falsehood he spread about election fraud is still upheld by some Republicans.

Lawmakers were preparing for more violence ahead of the inauguration of Democratic President-elect Joe Biden on January 20, as they reconvene at the Capitol for the first time on Tuesday after a bloody siege.

D-Md. Rep. Jamie Raskin said, appealing for a change of mind among colleagues who still support Trump, “We all have to find the soul.
Two Republicans, lawmakers, Liz Cheney of Wyoming and John Katko of New York, announced for the first time that they would vote on Trump’s impeachment.

“ It is a direct threat to the future of our democracy for the President to instigate this attack without US consequences,” Katko said in a statement. Meanwhile, Trump warned lawmakers of impeachment and suggested that dividing the country is the driving force to oust him. Trump said, “I think it poses enormous danger and enormous anger to our country to continue this path.”

In his first remarks to reporters after last week’s violence, the retiring president did not express condolences to those who died or were injured simply saying’I don’t want violence.’ Ahead of the impeachment, the House of Representatives first pressured Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to get rid of Trump faster and more reliably, and warned that he would pose a threat to democracy in the days of his presidency.

The House of Representatives was expected to approve a resolution urging Pence and the Cabinet to appeal the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, declaring the President’s inability to serve. Pence, who had a’good meeting’ with Trump on Monday, wasn’t expected to take such action for the first time since the vice president became a refuge from the attack.

After that, the House of Representatives will promptly impeachment on Wednesday. Trump is faced with only one accusation of’incitement of rebellion’ in the resolution of impeachment after the most serious and fatal domestic invasion in US history.

The impeachment law also details Trump’s pressure to seek more votes from state officials in Georgia, encouraging thousands of supporters to’fight like hell’ last Wednesday at a White House rally. building.

The mob overwhelmed the police, broke through security lines and windows, through the Capitol, and lawmakers scattered while finishing Biden’s victory over Trump at the electoral college.

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