USA: Chennai born Pramila Jaipal hit hat-trick, criticized CAA

Washington: Indian Congress of Indian Origin (Parliament) Congresswoman Pramila Jaipal was elected for the third consecutive term in the House of Representatives. Born in Chennai 55, Jaipal was a Democratic Party candidate and gave a lot to Republican Party Craig Keller from the seventh Congress constituency in Washington State 70 defeated by vote percentage.

Pramila Jaipal has received so many votes.From the

80 percent of votes so far, Jaipal, who has earned a reputation as one of the best progressive members over the past four years in the United States Congress, 44, 541 votes, while Keller only 61,940. you get.

Pramila Jaipal was a critic of CAA
Jaipal was a critic of Indian policy on Jammu and Kashmir and the revised citizenship law (CAA). She was the first woman of Indian descent of the year 2016 to be elected to the House of Representatives. Jaipal is the second Indian-American after the Democratic Party’s Raja Krishnamurthy to be elected to the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Looking forward to the results of these candidates

Two other Indian-born candidates Amy Berra and Ro Khanna are also leading the initial tally for Congress from the California constituency. Interestingly, there are four members of Indian descent in the outgoing House of Representatives. Dr. Heral Tipirneni is looking to win from Arizona’s Sixth Congressional constituency and is leading Republican candidate David Schweckert to final notification. If Heral is elected, she will be the second woman of Indian descent to join the House of Representatives. At the same time, Mr. Preston Kulkarni, who has been fighting the Democratic Party since the 22nd Texas Election, gives Republican candidate Troy Nehls a tough fight. I have been. He was down by five percent of the vote until the final notification was received. Republican candidate Manga Anantamula from Wagernia 11 Congressional constituency lost to incumbent Democratic MP and candidate Gerry Connolly. is.

Neeraj became the first elected Indian-American Senator of Ohio

Neeraj Antony became the first Indian-American elected to the Senate from Ohio. Antony defeated Democratic Party candidate Mark Fogle on Tuesday. After being sworn in, he will become the first American Indian to become an Ohio senator. Bachelor of Political Science Antony 24 at the age of 2014 Ohio was elected to the delegation. Antony’s parents 1987 came to America. Antony said: “I am very grateful for the continued support of this community, in which I was born and raised.” He said, “As a senator, I will work hard every day so that the people of Ohio have a chance to realize their American dream.”


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