USA: Donald Trump has pledged to woo the voters of these two important states

Fort Myers (America): Election Campaign (Election Campaign) President Donald Trump, facing financial constraints in the campaign, attacked his rival’s family on Friday and defended his own struggle to control the coronavirus epidemic. As the election date approaches, rival candidate Joe Biden has focused on health issues.

Trump is looking to revive his election campaign and in this sequence he was communicating with voters in Florida and Georgia. Victory in these two states is crucial to his second term as president. He gave Georgia night prime time From this, a serious challenge in the elections can be expected here. Previously, his original plan was to get more attention in the states ruled by the Democratic Party.

In the year 1992, no Republican presidential candidate has lost in Georgia since George HW Bush. On Friday, Trump targeted the Biden family in Florida as “an organized crime family.” In this sequence, Trump again targeted Biden’s son Hunter and his business in Ukraine and China.

Trump spoke directly to elders in Florida who are said to be angry about how to deal with the outbreak. He told the elders that he is leaving no stone unturned to save people from the Chinese virus. It has given people hope on preventing this virus that the vaccine will develop soon. He also promised that the initial doses would be given to the elderly.

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