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Veterans of the Black Ops: Pay attention! The Warzone Numbers Event has begun.

During the Numbers Event, the traditional Black Ops experience will be available in Warzone. Check out this page to see what kind of in-game challenges and rewards you can expect.

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops are two of the most popular video games in the world. The Cold War is being dominated by the Numbers Event at the moment. Those who are familiar with the brand will immediately recognise the motif, as numbers played an important role in the classic first Call of Duty Black Ops game. Spies, codes, and brainwashed prisoners of war were absent from the scene in 2010, and the effect is not as dramatic as it was in 2010. However, that old Black Ops energy still works!

Warzone Numbers is a recurring event.

The Warzone in-game event, which invites players to visit nine various locations in Verdansk, is currently live and welcoming people to participate. After that, a process that is familiar from the original Black Ops is triggered, in which a Reznov relays numbers to you. This hypnotic experience is most likely a foreshadowing of an upcoming incident in the Warzone tale.

For the time being, once you’ve obtained the numbers, you’ll only receive in-game incentives. Consider a sum of money, a collection of charms, or a new calling card. With the Black Ops atmosphere, Activision is clearly attempting to entice the old guard back into the fold. It’s also helpful for gamers who aren’t as nostalgic to have some new in-game challenges to contend with.

Aciko sai melee weapons are the ultimate reward for participating in this Warzone event. When a player has visited each of the nine sites, he will be given the weapons as a reward. The same is true for players of Black Ops Cold War; the event is open to players of both games, and you can choose which one you want to participate in. For the sake of the fans, the zombies have also returned to Warzone for the time being.

The Black Ops Cold War Numbers Event will be running through October 6th (06:00 AM Dutch time). The Warzone event will be extended by one day, to October 7, to accommodate more participants (06:00 Dutch time).

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