Vienna Terrorist Attack: One Killed During Shootout Exchange, Multiple Injured | World news

Vienna : At least one person was killed and several wounded in exchange for a shooting in central Vienna late Monday, with Austrian Interior Minister allegedly launched a terrorist attack near the central synagogue.

Vienna police said on Twitter that several suspects and six other locations were involved.

A large area in central Vienna has been blocked and police say significant deployments are underway.

Interior Minister Carl Nehamer told Austrian broadcaster ORF that he believed the attack was carried out by several people, and that all six sites were right near the street where the central synagogue was located.

“At the moment we can confirm that we believe this is an obvious terrorist attack,” he said.

“We think there are several perpetrators. Unfortunately, there are also a few injured and probably died.”

An ambulance spokesman said at least one person was killed and several others were injured. Local news agency APA said one of the suspects and an onlooker were shot dead and a policeman injured.

The police tweeted, “There was a shooting in the inner city area. There are wounded. You should stay away from all public places or public transport.”

Jewish community leader Oskar Deutsch said via Twitter that it was unclear whether the Vienna synagogue and the adjoining offices were the target of the attack and were closed at the time.

A video of a gunman screaming and shooting on a cobblestone street was circulated on social media. Reuters could not immediately check the video.

Vienna police urged people not to share videos and photos through social media. They said on Twitter, “This puts police and civilians at risk.”

In 1981, two Palestinians attacked in the same synagogue, killing two and wounding 18. In 1985, a group of Palestinian extremists attacked Vienna airports with grenades and assault rifles, killing three civilians.

In recent years, Austria has escaped the sort of massive attacks seen in Paris, Berlin and London.

In August, authorities arrested a 31-year-old Syrian refugee accused of attacking a Jewish community leader in Graz, Syria’s second city. The leader was not hurt.

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