Virginity tested in UK, claimed hymen surgery

Virginity test

In the United Kingdom (UK), virginity tests or virginity repair are required. Women are forced to prove virginity before marriage.

New Delhi: All clinics in the UK claim to have undergone virginity testing and virginity repair. These announcements have been taken note of by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations. It is reported that these 21 clinics have been closed. These clinics offer advertisements randomly, claiming virginity checks or repair. Instead of 50 pounds to 69 pounds. The World Health Organization called for banning such clinics because they are a violation of human rights.

3000 forced virginity testing before marriage Experts say virginity tests or virginity reform lawsuits are totally unscientific. There is no laboratory that can perform a virginity test. Some young girls who take this test also appeared. One of these women said that her parents forced her to undergo a virginity test. The woman said: My relationship with my parents is not good, and my parents want me to get married soon. One day, an old man saw me outside with his friends and told my mother that one of them was my friend. After all sorts of rumors, I had to take this test. ‘

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not only this, in the family in which the woman was to marry, these people were also forced to prove virginity, only then could the issue of marriage proceed. The girl was forced to undergo a virginity test. The BBC has identified 16 clinics. Seven of those seven agreed to offer a virginity test. These clinics also claimed (virginity repair). NHS England data shows that there have been 21 procedures to restore hymens in the last five years. The woman was helped by the “Karma Nirvana” charity, which allegedly helps victims of forced marriage.

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“Hyman repair kit” sold in market
3000, Priya Manotta, who saw the organization’s helpline, said, “There were calls from all the girls interested in this test. These girls fear that if their family knows that they are not a virgin, there may be obstacles in their marriage. In a situation like this, families can pressure girls to take this test. Today, allegations of virginity tests are being made in countries, but the World Health Organization (WHO) this test is called fake. And who said explicitly how to verify sex between a woman and a girl? Hymen repair kits are also sold online in the market for 20 pounds, again with Virgin it is said to manufacture. While this is not possible.

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