Wang Wenbin congratulates Joe Biden on his China-US election victory

US election: China congratulates Joe Biden on his victory in the US election.


China congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden on Friday, nearly a week after China was declared the winner in the US election, saying it respects the “choice of the American people”.

U.S.-China relations have developed rapidly in recent years under Donald Trump’s administration, and relations have been freezing at some point since formal relations were established four decades ago.

“We respect the choice of the American people. We extend our congratulations to Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris, ”Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said, quoting Vice President Kamala Harris at the regular press conference.

China was previously one of the few major countries, including Russia and Mexico, not to congratulate the president-elect, with Beijing saying earlier this week that “Mr. Biden had announced that he was the winner ”.

Since the US media called the presidential race, Trump has not accepted Biden as is usual practice after a winner is screened.

The U.S. network said Biden, who led the popular vote by more than 50 million, confirmed his victory on Thursday night.

President Trump has repeatedly claimed that the election was fraudulently interrupted and said on Thursday baselessly that a maker of electoral devices had “brushed aside” 2.7 million votes nationwide for him.

U.S. election officials said there was no evidence of compromised ballots or a corrupt voting system in U.S. elections.

American-Chinese tension

Trump’s four years in the White House were marked by tensions as Trump described China as the greatest threat to the United States and global democracy, and both sides called technology for the Kovid epidemic- 19 and China’s human rights. For more than the doshas, ​​it was rare. Is the record.

U.S. trade demands, including better access to Chinese markets, widespread business enterprise reform, which heavily favored Chinese enterprises, and a massive relaxation of state control by Beijing, have both met with a trade war.

A deal between the two was signed in January – due to a partial injury that forced Beijing to import an additional $ 200 billion in US goods over two years, ranging from cars to machinery and oil to agriculture. Product included.

Trump has also fired his gun at Chinese tech companies, which he says pose security threats, including the video-sharing app Tickcock – owned by Chinese parent company BuyDance and mobile giant Huawei.

But relations are sure to improve under the Biden administration, with Democrats making their voice heard during their campaign over China’s dismal human rights record.

During a Democratic Party primary debate in February, Biden called Chinese President Xi Jinping a “thug”.

His presidential campaign also cited the crackdown on the Uyghur Muslim minority in Xinjiang, China as “genocide” – a campaign Beijing defends as vocational training to counter the threat of terrorism.

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