Warming Up Before Workout Offers More Benefits Read Article | Warming up before exercising is important. The body gets these great benefits.

Warming up is the most important step in your daily workout. Warming up 5 to 10 minutes before exercise is very important. This is exactly the same, because the car is loaded in first gear and the speed gradually increases. Likewise, your body needs warming up.

What are the benefits of warming up Warming
up does not increase your heart rate at all, nor does your body’s blood circulation suddenly increase. As a rule, warming up prepares the body. Mainly the heart and respiratory system (heart and lungs) and muscles.

Mental preparation
spots Scratching, walking, and jogging are a few examples of warming up. Warming up increases body temperature and increases blood circulation through muscle tissue. Another important aspect of warming up is that you are mentally prepared for exercise. The advantage of this is that, along with the body, the brain is also ready to work.

the last 10 minutes of exercise is the time to relax. Relaxation gradually reduces body temperature. I am not dizzy and tired after exercising. In addition to this, it helps remove contaminants such as lactic acid from your muscles. There are no complaints of sudden drop in blood pressure and darkening in front of your eyes by ending work without being cool.

How to relax If you are doing
video-related activities, gradually reduce the intensity of your exercise. Reducing the intensity of the exercise at a constant rate will help you cool down comfortably.

during which time the muscles are warm and fully appropriate in terms of stretching the stretch recommend because. Stretching relaxes tension and increases flexibility.

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(Note: doctors consult before taking any action)

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