We are not going to control the epidemic

“We are making efforts to include it,” said Mark Meadows.

Washington, United States:

Donald Trump’s chief of staff said on Sunday that “we are not going to control the epidemic”, in a setback to Biden’s campaign by saying “let them accept defeat”.

Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was speaking amid a sharp resurgence of coronoviruses across America, with the number of cases setting a daily record and the death toll quickly approaching 225,000.

When a CNN interviewer asked Meadows why the administration wouldn’t get control of the virus, he replied, “because it’s an infectious virus like the flu.”

He then qualified by saying, “We are making efforts to contain it.”

Kamala Harris, Democrat Joe Biden’s running mate, was asked about Meadows ‘comments during an election campaign in Michigan and said:’ They accept defeat, and I say it, and Joe Biden has said it from the start . ” This was the case. “

According to the Pool report, he slammed Meadows for comparing the flu to the coronovirus.

“It is the biggest failure of any presidential administration in the history of the United States,” she said.

Biden and Harris have insisted Trump must deal with the epidemic, which has seen the United States complete nearly a fifth of deaths worldwide, although its population is only four percent of the total.

The disease has spread inside the White House.

Three weeks after Trump was hospitalized with Kovid-19, a spokesperson on Saturday announced Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff Mark Short had tested positive – but said Pence would go on without a seizure. , Which will continue in the last days of the land. Campaign.

CNN interviewer Jake Topper lobbied Meadows about Pence, who was the head of the White House Coronovirus Task Force, clearly showing the Federal Control Centers’ guidelines for travel arbitration after being exposed to short term.

“I can tell you he’s wearing a mask and will be wearing a mask today,” Meadows said. “Obviously, when you have a risk, you need to take additional mitigating factors.”

Harris briefly stayed out of the election campaign after testing positive by a senior official.

Meanwhile, even though Biden regularly wears masks and holds small, socially distant gatherings, Trump will continue to host huge events with no masks required.

“We are not imposing masks,” he said. “We offer them outside. We live in an independent society. ”

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