We Are Not Just a Telecom Company We bridge the Gap for Travelers Utilizing Technology and Sustainability

Tiekom is also expanding its system to renewable energy. Tiekom is dedicated to assisting each family to use green electricity which satisfies daily to day needs without damaging our environment. It’s sustainable and it doesn’t use any fossil fuel or waste products to fight climate change. Rest assured that this will not be the final time we’ll hear about new revolutionary providers from Tiekom.

We understand just how much you enjoy the way you live back in your home and we could make it much easier for you to pay in. Tiekom is the only telecom company that offers Unlimited calls in Spain, 4G information, today you need to be thinking, these are all the other telecom businesses offer, but wait there is more, they also offer 600 minutes free calls to other European nations. And that is not all, Tiekom will also offer IP TV so that you can enjoy your favourite shows from your home country while in Spain. With all these perks, you may feel at ease in creating Spain your next home.

With over 5 million European expats in Spain, the EU free movement has allowed them to travel freely across Europe. With these perks has problems like communicating and abrupt change of surroundings, on which a number of these things you enjoy may not be accessible in the country you’re just about to pay in. This is the area where Tiekom comes to the”rescue.” “We all know the sensation of moving to some other place and how hard it’s to adapt to the culture. That is why we are here to bridge the difference between your home country and Spain with just one click” All Tiekom’s customer support have been in English so there will be any language barriers.

Mary Hornsby

Mary Hornsby

Mary has studied Masters in Biology and looks after the health domain brilliantly. She has great understanding of drugs and regulations in a variety of states and retains our customers upgraded with new drugs blessings and their own counterparts. She's a passionate writer and at no time reads concerning scientific posts and prefers attending health conventions in town whenever she is there.

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