We can’t give what the epidemic chief says

“We must not give up,” Tedros Edholm Ghebreyus said in a virtual briefing.

Geneva, Switzerland:

The head of the World Health Organization stressed on Monday that it is possible to curb the Kovid-19, even with the rust outbreak, warning against giving up the fight.

“We must not give up,” Tedros Edholm Ghebreyus said in a virtual briefing.

He admitted that after months of battling the new coronovirus, which has claimed more than 1.1 million lives worldwide, a certain level has been set in “epidemic fatigue”.

“It’s tough and the fatigue is real,” Tedros said.

But we cannot give in, ”he said, urging leaders to“ balance the disruption of life and livelihoods ”.

“When leaders act quickly, the virus can be suppressed,” he said.

US President Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows told CNN that a day after his remarks, the administration’s attention was drawn to the fact that the virus was not being buffered.

“We are not going to control the epidemic. We’re going to control the fact that we’re getting vaccines, medicines, and other nausea, ”Meadows said, comparing the deadlier Kovid-19 to the seasonal flu. .

Tedros said it was “dangerous” to give up virus control.

When asked about the comments, WHO chiefs Michael Ryan insisted that mitigating the epidemic’s effects was important and that efforts to defeat the virus could not be abandoned.

“We must not give up on trying to suppress the transmission,” he said.

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