What are the benefits of drinking wacky tea | Drinking wacky tea in the winter is effective in reducing obesity.

Ash distance consumption during corona time strengthens the immune system. It is very important for many diseases due to weight loss. Jaggery tea serves to boost energy in winter. Teach you how to easily make a curb car at home in winter and learn its benefits.

I want this material
3 tablespoons finely molasses 2 teaspoons
tea leaves 2
1 teaspoon fennel plus 2
cups milk and 1 cup water.
Half a teaspoon of red pepper powder and ginger

Make it like this: In a
pot, boil ginger, cardamom, pepper and fennel in a glass of water. While boiling, add milk and boil again. Now add jaggery and mix well. Do not boil for a long time. Otherwise, the car may burst.

Your stomach is low
Drinking wacky tea in the winter can kill stomach fat and keep a person healthy.

Your Digestive System
Will Stay Healthy Jaggery Tea improves your digestive system. It helps reduce chest irritation. Jaggery has few artificial sweeteners. Ash has more vitamins and minerals than sugar, which is beneficial for your health.

Migraine relief, red blood cell increase
Migraine or headache sufferers should drink spicy tea with milk. It gives you comfort. In addition, it is recommended to eat ridiculously or drink tea for people with ischemia.

Jaggery should not be eaten in large quantities. Otherwise too much jaggery can also be harmful.

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(Note: doctors consult before taking any action)

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