When did the world war against “mere fanaticism” break out? How long the world will keep silent

Paris: A terrorist in France The history teacher (Teacher) was strangled to death. After obtaining information about the incident, the police surrounded him and asked him to surrender. But instead of giving up, the attacker started shouting Allahu Akbar’s slogans. After which the police shot the assailant. Because of this, he died instantly.

Why did the teacher kill?

According to the information, the teacher, who taught history in a school in Paris, showed cartoons to students in the classroom and discussed the Prophet Muhammad with them. Subsequently, the teacher was strangled to death outside the school on Friday night. Upon receiving information about the incident, the police reached the spot and surrounded the attacker. After his surrender, the police opened fire, killing him instantly.

What did the president of France say?

Upon receiving information about the incident, French President Emmanuel Macron arrived on the scene. He said one of our citizens was murdered. The teacher taught his students in the classroom. Talking about freedom of expression. He was brutally killed. Macron said France was attacked by Islamic terrorism. The teacher is the victim of an Islamic terrorist attack. He said that Islam has become such a religion that there is a crisis in the world. This religion will be freed from foreign influence.

Problems for European Countries Becoming Muslim Immigrants

According to reports, after the emergence of IS militants in Syria-Iraq, a large number of displaced Muslim immigrants have fled to European countries. Many countries including France, Greece, Germany, which consider themselves great human rights countries, have given refuge to these Muslim immigrants by the hundreds of thousands. Now these immigrants are becoming a problem for them and are implementing Muslim rituals including Sharia with fanaticism.

France’s action against religious fanaticism

The largest Muslim immigrants in Europe live in France. Due to this, the mosques and madrasas have become full in France. Along with this, separate community-specific settlements have also been established there. Even the police are hesitant to get their hands on them. Against this growing fanaticism in the country, the French government announced it would strengthen a law by presenting a bill in December.

Spreading fundamentalism 73 Closed mosque

Acting on the basis of Islamic fundamentalism, the French government since January 73 has blocked mosques in the country. Furthermore, the arrival of foreign imams in France was prohibited. The French government said religion would be kept out of the education system and all imams would have to learn French.

‘Entry’ of terrorists into the Azerbaijan-Armenia war

Please say that some Muslim countries such as Turkey-Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are open supporters of terrorism. It was at this gesture that a feared Islamic terrorist organization such as IS was born in Syria-Iraq. Which brutally beheaded thousands of women, men and children. Now these same Turkey-Pakistan IS terrorists have led into the Azerbaijan-Armenia war. Where these mercenaries are brutally killing the Armenian soldiers who surrender.


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